Chateau Maylandie Villa Ferrae Rouge Corbieres-Boutenac 2016 750mL   

Wine Details
  • Vintage: 2016
  • Series: Red Wine
  • Appellation: France

Price: $19.00
Members: $17.10-$18.05

This is a wine that creeps up on you. It seems unapproachable at first, big, rustic tannin. The first sips are pucker and chewy. Then suddenly you look down at your glass and realize it is not your first, the wine has become of so very drinkable and now you find it hard to put down. The color is of crushed blackberries. The nose is full of berry and black cherry aromas, with hints of black tea, anise, eucalyptus, leather, and clove. Yes, the palate is chewy and a bit tannic, but it is also full-bodied and filled with dark berry flavors, balancing acids, black tea, and granite. It is rich, dark, and bold. The finish coats and lingers, coaxing you to drink more. A wine that, once started, is hard not to finish. Organic.