Weninger Ponzichter Red 2018 750mL   

Wine Details
  • Series: Red Wine

Weninger Ponzichter Red 2018 750mL - From the winery: Ponzichter was a name for the German-speaking minority of winegrowers in the Sopron region. The Hungarians called the German winegrowers like this, because they grew vegetables, mainly beans, between the wine rows. This piqued my interest because it is very special from a biodynamic point of view. First of all, if there was a bad vintage, the farmers still had something to eat. But second, the beans count to the legumes, and thus they have the ability to assimilate nitrogen from the air to the soil. While today we are working hard to achieve the sustainable circle in winegrowing, they had no other choice than to do so. The wine is a light red grown on our biodynamic vineyards in Hungary and Austria. Pinot Noir and Zweigelt.